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“Green” Pool Technology by Swim Incorporated

Swim Incorporated develops “Green” Pool Technology

Dan Johnson, owner of Swim Incorporated, a local design/build firm has developed a circulation and sanitation system which can reduce operating expenses by over 76% when compared with pools using traditional circulation and sanitation systems .

“It’s not magic, it’s math” says Dan. First, we engineer a “balanced flow” circulation system which reduces back-pressure on the equipment; then we utilize multi-speed pumps to reduce electrical consumption and lower energy costs. Finally, we install an electrolytic device which utilizes table salt and actually generates chlorine in the piping system, sanitizing the water before it returns to the pool after being filtered. An added benefit is that the water will feel soft and smooth, not harsh or “sticky” like traditional pool water.

“As a pool contractor, it’s a bit uncomfortable talking about a “Green” pool, but in the context of saving energy, being environmentally friendly, and reducing operating costs, it only makes sense” says Dan. Swim Incorporated leads the industry in innovation and efficiency. They are located at 2119 Global Ct., Sarasota and can be reached at 941-371-2252.

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