How Do I Hire A Pool Contractor?

How to hire a pool contractor

Are you interested in adding a brand new pool or water feature to your home? Or do you want to renovate and remodel your existing pool? Pool contractors in Tampa, like Swim Incorporated, are who you need to contact. Pool companies can work with you to create a pool that will improve your property values and provide comfortable fun all year round.

How do I choose pool contractor in Tampa?

Pool contractors often specialize in certain types of pool building, so it’s important to do your research. Get a good idea of what kind of pool installation you want before you begin contacting pool contractors.

  • Vanishing edge pools. Modern, elegant, and attractive, vanishing edge pools can be incorporated into any home design. Vanishing edge pools can be designed in any shape and size, and provide for a pool that fits in with your surrounding architecture and landscaping. These pools are designed so that their edge blends into the surrounding landscaping.
  • Traditional pools. They are far from traditional when designed by the right pool companies Tampa. Traditional pools can still have varied designs, decks, shapes, and styles, and can be integrated into water features or upgraded for better convenience.
  • Spa pools. What’s more relaxing than coming home to your own spa? Spa pools are designed to include features such as built-in heaters, bubbles, and whirlpools. These can be designed to fit virtually any home.

Do I need a pool company if I only want to upgrade my existing pool?

Pool companies in Tampa can provide a variety of pool upgrades for either existing pools or newly built pools. These upgrades include:

  • Automatic pool covers. Pool covers can increase the safety of your pool, especially if you have children or pets. Even if you don’t have children or pets to protect, a pool cover can also keep your pool clean when not in use.
  • Pool heating. There are advanced systems designed to heat your pool, from traditional heating water pumps to heaters that use the power of the sun. If you want to make sure your pool is comfortable even at night, a pool heater can be an ideal investment.
  • Automatic lighting. You can light up your pool at night and keep it swim-ready through the use of automatic lighting, motion-activated lighting, or simple lighting throughout the pool itself. Automatic lighting can also provide for additional security.
  • Pool pumps and filters. Upgraded pumps and filters make it easier to maintain your pool. Even if you already have an existing pool, contractors can add new systems to augment them. And if you have a system that’s currently malfunctioning, it can be repaired or replaced.
  • Cosmetic restoration. Over time pools can get damaged, loose tiles, or otherwise become discolored. Pool services can help in restoring your pool to like-new condition.

What happens after I hire a pool contractor in Tampa

It’s easy to get a brand new pool installed in Tampa. The process begins by designing your very own pool, based on the layout of your home. There are many options today depending on what you want, from small spa-style pools to large, multi-level pools with additional fountains and running water. Designs also include the surrounding deck and any features and mechanics that you want to include. Once the design has been finalized, the permitting process begins. Permits ensure that your pool design is up to code for your neighborhood and is an essential part of the process.

Construction begins by digging your pool and forming the foundation using concrete. Plumbing and electrical lines will be run as necessary and the deck will also be formed. Any special designs for your pool and deco, such as special tile designs, will be installed now. After the concrete is set, the pool can be filled. Pumps and filters and other electronics will be installed and tested after the pool has been filled for the first time.

The entire process of installing a pool is fast, easy, and simple when conducted by professionals. Not only is it scheduled to be as non-disruptive as possible, but it’s usually completed in the course of only a few days. If you’re interested in getting a pool installed, you can get quotes now.

When beginning your search for a pool contractor in Tampa, please contact Swim Incorporated. We will be happy to consult with you about the pools and water features we can provide. Regardless of the type of pool or water feature you need, a consultation is all that’s necessary to create the design that is right for your home.

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