How to Create Gathering Places In and Around Your Pool 

A backyard pool is the ideal place to host gatherings with your family and friends. As you work with your custom pool builder to design the perfect pool, you’ll have the chance to add some unique design features. This may include incorporating one or more gathering spots where your guests can enjoy socializing with one another. 

There are many different options to choose from, including a few that may be new to you. If you’re looking for some inspiration, consider trending pool seating ideas. 

1. Sun Shelf Seating

Many pools have a wide, shallow area at the entrance. These spaces, known as tanning ledges or sun shelves, are the perfect place to add in-pool lounge seating. You can also add umbrellas, side tables, and even built-in coolers, creating a complete in-water lounge area where guests can relax and stay cool while working in their tans. 

2. Swim-Up Bars

Having to get out of the pool to enjoy a snack or a drink can be a drag. Adding a swim-up bar to your pool gives you the best of both worlds. Some homeowners choose to have the bar made of the same materials as the pool, so it blends in seamlessly. Others choose to make it a focal point by selecting an eye-catching complementary color and/or style. You may also choose to add a canopy or pergola over the bar area, giving guests some much-needed respite from the sun. 

3. Dining Areas

Dining al fresco never gets old. Adding a table and chairs to your pool area can turn a basic patio into a dreamy outdoor dining space. As you choose your furniture and design, be sure to keep comfort top of mind, opting for lots of weatherproof pillows and extra-soft seating. This will help your guests kick back and relax, lingering to enjoy conversation long after the meal is done. 

If you want to do something unique, you could also consider building a dining area inside your swimming pool. The concept is similar to a swim-up bar, but uses a built-in dining table with either individual or bench seating. If you’re planning a new pool installation, your pool builder can help you explore your options and make suggestions for the best way to incorporate a dining space into your pool design. 

4. Fire Pits 

A fire pit with a seating area is an attraction that guests will enjoy all year long. Incorporating a fire pit into your pool design will also help you keep the party going after the sun goes down. 

If you really want to make an impression, consider installing a fire pit surrounded by in-pool seating or using it to accent a hot tub area. Not only does this create a unique and upscale look, but it’s also a very cozy spot where guests can enjoy the contrast between the heat from the flames and the pool’s cool, refreshing water.

Start Creating Your Custom Pool Design Today

These are just a few of the ways you can turn your pool into a social hot spot. If you’re looking for even more creative design ideas, the team at Swim Inc. is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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