How to Make Your Pool the Focal Point of Your Backyard

Many homeowners dream of having a custom pool they can use for relaxing, exercising, and entertaining. While these are all exciting benefits, it’s important not to forget about the impact your pool can have on the overall aesthetics of your backyard space.

Pools bring structure and focus to your landscaping. By making your pool the focal point of your backyard, you can create a look and feel that is reminiscent of a tropical oasis or an upscale resort. The following five tips will help you create a beautiful scene that will make every day feel like a vacation. 

1. Choose Complementary Colors and Materials

When your pool is close to your home, it’s easy to make it an extension of your indoor space. Using materials and colors that are complementary to your home’s architecture and design will give the area a sense of flow and guide the eye toward the pool area. 

2. Surround Your Pool with Native Plants

Adding a shrubbery perimeter made of native plants around your pool will help you create a feeling of seclusion. This is a popular option since it’s fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. By choosing plants that are native to your area, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your landscaping will thrive with very minimal effort.

3. Create an Outdoor Living Area 

If you have a large backyard that offers plenty of space between the pool and the home, you have more room to create a beautiful outdoor living area around your pool. Some popular options include installing an outdoor kitchen, pergola, fire pits, fountains, or waterfalls. Adding a variety of landscape features along the pool area can also give the space a lush look and feel.

4. Transition from Hardscape to Softscape

Creating different types of landscape areas around your property will add visual interest and draw attention to your pool area. For example, you may add a border around the perimeter of your yard using flat rocks and greenery, then use edging to transition to grass before ultimately transitioning to your pool’s concrete or tile patio.

5. Work with a Team of Professionals

Working with a professional landscape designer is one of the best ways to bring your vision to life. A landscaping expert can create jaw-dropping hardscapes and help you choose plants that will bring beauty to your pool area. When choosing a landscape designer, be sure the person you’re considering is willing to work closely with your custom pool builder, as this can help ensure a cohesive design. 

Ready to Get Started? Swim Inc. is Here to Help!

Turning your pool into a gorgeous focal point is easy when you have the right professionals by your side. When you work with Swim Inc., our custom pool installation experts will take care of every detail and make sure your pool space is everything you’ve dreamed of. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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