How to Prepare Your Pool for Cooler Weather

Being able to enjoy warm weather almost all year round is one of the great things about living in the Tampa area. However, if your pool isn’t heated, you might find that it gets a bit too chilly to swim during the winter months. 

While Florida homeowners don’t have to go through the effort of winterizing our pools like many of our northern friends do, it’s still a good idea to prepare your pool for cooler weather. Here are a few simple steps you’ll want to follow.  

Remove Your Pool Accessories

When it gets too cold to enjoy your pool, go ahead and remove all of your pool toys and floats. Spray them down thoroughly and let them dry before putting them away. If you’re planning to use a pool cover, now is also a good time to remove ladders, handrails, and any other accessories. 

Give the Pool a Thorough Cleaning

Next, it’s time to deep clean your pool. Start by skimming debris from the surface, brushing the pool, and vacuuming up debris. You may also want to backwash the filter. 

Remember that although you won’t be using your pool, it’s still important to clean it regularly throughout the winter months. Otherwise, algae can build up and dirt and debris can clog up your pool’s filtration system. You’ll want to empty your debris traps every few days and remove fallen leaves, as they can quickly leave stains. 

Monitor Your Chemicals

You’ll want to keep your chemicals balanced during the winter months as well. Test the water weekly and adjust your levels as needed. When the temperatures fall into the 60-degree range or lower, cut back on chlorine. If you have a pool with a chlorine/salt generator, lower the production percentage when the temperatures drop. 

Keep the Pump Running 

You don’t need to run your pool pump for as long in the winter, but it’s important not to stop it altogether. Your pump needs to run for four to six hours a day to keep your plumbing working as it should and keep algae at bay. 

If you see that the water is starting to turn green, shock the pool and start running your pump for longer. Also, if there’s a freeze warning, it’s important to keep your pool pump on overnight. 

Check Your Water Levels 

During Florida’s dryer winter months, water can evaporate from your pool at a rate of one to two inches per week. Not only can this throw off your chemical balance, but if the water gets too low, it can also burn out your pump. Keeping your eye on your water levels and topping your pool off as needed will help you avoid these problems. 

Invest in a Pool Heater 

Even if the weather gets a bit chilly, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a heated pool all winter long. Investing in a pool heater will keep the water temperatures comfortable, allowing you to get maximum enjoyment all year-round.

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