No matter what type of custom pool design you have in mind, we’ll take it up a notch and far exceed your expectations.
When you trust the experts at Swim Inc. with your custom pool design, you can rest assured your new pool will add unforgettable style and ambiance to your backyard.

Free-Form Pools

With their natural curved lines and rounded shapes, freeform pools are an excellent choice for most properties. The design isn’t bound by any rules, so these pools can adapt to their surroundings, just as they would in nature.

Freeform pools often look like a pond or a lagoon, making them the perfect choice for homes with tropical, rustic, or natural settings. Getting creative with your hardscaping, lighting, and landscaping can easily make your freeform pool look like a secret oasis or a tropical paradise. Freeform pools often incorporate features like waterfalls or rocks to make them look more natural.

If you have a small backyard or are dealing with an asymmetrical space, the irregular shape and style of a freeform pool is often the easiest to work with. This can allow you to install a pool in spaces where other pool styles simply won’t work.


Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are based on square or rectangular designs. With this style, you can expect straight lines and 90-degree corners. Since this is one of the easiest pool styles to construct, they’re usually less expensive than other options. They’re also a better choice for swimming laps, as they’ll give you more linear space.

Geometric pools look great in luxury homes and homes with a traditional design. The clean edges won’t distract from your property’s elegance. In fact, they will actually bring more attention to the beauty of your home’s architecture.

An L-shaped geometric pool is perfect for those who want to swim laps and also have a separate space for fun and games. It’s also easy to incorporate an infinity edge into a geometric pool design. This adds character and distinction, allowing your pool to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your backyard space.

Classic Pool Style

Inspired by Greek and Roman design, classic pools are typically made with rectangular forms and rounded edges. They may have cut corners, which creates an octagon shape, or have stylized corners and rounded ends. This is a great way to bring the beauty of ancient art into your backyard.

Classic pools often look best in homes that have a strong, classic look. They also work well with Aegean or Tuscan style homes. The design focuses on symmetry and balance and will look beautiful when the house, courtyard, and other outdoor structures all follow a similar design concept.

Adding features like a Travertine deck or colorful glass tiles will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to another era. To take the theme a step further, consider adding columns or statues and European-style landscaping.


Vanishing Edge Pools

Popular in some of the world’s most upscale homes, vanishing edge pools create a visual effect of a body of water that never ends. They’re both elegant and dramatic, fitting best into homes that have a chic and modern design.

Vanishing edge pools are ideal for homes that have a spectacular backyard view. If your yard affords you a breathtaking view of mountains, the ocean, or even a cityscape, this is a great option for you. Sometimes, designers will also suggest this style for backyards that are surrounded by trees so they can take advantage of the natural lushness.

Since vanishing edge pools are a bit more complex to install, they often come with a higher cost. It’s important to only work with a qualified pool builder who has plenty of experience in infinity pool design and installation.

Spas & Hot Tubs

Spas and hot tubs are by far the most popular addition to a swimming pool. They can help you relax after a busy day and allow you to use your pool area even in the cooler months.

A pool spa is typically integrated into the same plumbing and mechanical system as your swimming pool. Hot tubs are usually stand-alone features. However, it’s still easy to incorporate them into your overall backyard design.

When adding a hot tub or spa to your custom pool design, you’ll have the opportunity to specify exactly what you want. Some of the options you’ll need to consider include the spa’s size, shape, number of jets, and type of seating. You can also create a unique look by choosing decorative finishes. Many homeowners also choose to add a spillway that allows the spa water to overflow into the pool.


Water Features

When you’re ready to truly make your pool your own, you’ll want to start exploring the wonderful world of water features. There are many different options, ranging from a simple fountain to an elaborate waterfall that looks just like the real thing. With a great pool designer by your side, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Waterfalls are one of the most popular water features. They come in a variety of styles from natural stone to tile. No matter which option you choose, a waterfall will add ambiance and privacy to your pool design. Fountains are another popular addition. They make excellent accents and can also be the centerpiece of your backyard. Not only are they beautiful, but the sound they create will also help drown out annoying background noise.

Other popular water features to consider include bubblers, deck jets, and scuppers. Choosing the right mix of water features will give your pool area a splash of personality and a unique style that you and your guests are sure to love.