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Tips for hiring Pool Contractors in Tampa

If you want a pool installed, the first step is to contact a pool contractor like Swim Incorporated for a consultation and design session. The pool company you choose should spend time working with you to find the pool designs for your unique home. Pools today can be designed in different shapes and sizes, with designs throughout both the bottom of the pool and the surrounding deck. Accents such as water features can be added to your home and the perimeter, and vanishing pool edges could be used to emphasize your unique landscaping.

Plan for your pool when hiring a pool contractor:

There are so many options for pools today that you can feel free to customize your pool in a variety of ways. In addition to advanced options such as energy efficient pumps and heaters, there are ways to customize the designs of your deck and the interior surfacing.

  • Deck treatments — Concrete decks can be smoothed and textured, tiled, stained, and stamped, depending on the look and feel that is desired. Vanishing pools can have disappearing decks that integrate directly into the surrounding area.
  • Interior surfacing — Pools can have everything from complex tile designs to stone interiors, all of which provide cosmetic appearances while protecting the interior surface of the pool.
  • Maintenance options — Pool maintenance can be simplified through the use of filters, pumps, and cleaner systems that are both powerful and automated.
  • The size and shape of your pool — The size of your pool has a significant impact on maintenance. Geometric pool shapes give a modern and sophisticated look, while freeform pool shapes are classic and functional. Ultimately the shape and size may be determined by your yard and landscaping.

Ask the pool contractors in Tampa Bay about the various options that are available for customizing your pool and/or poolside.

Choosing your pool contractor:

Upon consulting with various pool contractors, you can confidently hire one. From there a design can be drawn up and your project can be quoted. Pool contractors will work with you regarding the best available options and can help you design a truly unique feature for your home.

Construction occurs only once the final plans have been confirmed and the permits have been acquired. You can schedule your construction to have a pool installed during the times that are most convenient for you.

You can also have exciting water features installed in addition to your pool. These water features can be integrated directly into your pool or separate and can be built so they are attractive and easy to maintain. Spa options can provide some luxury packages that will add value and comfort to your home.

When you begin your search for pool contractors in Southwest Florida, please contact Swim Incorporated. We will gladly schedule a session to find the perfect pool and setting that fit your specific needs and desires.

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