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Why Should I Hire a Pool Builder?

In a world where it seems like the internet can teach you how to DIY just about everything, you may find yourself wondering:

“Why hire a pool builder when I can do this on my own?”

While you certainly could install your own swimming pool, this is a project that’s best left to the pros. Most people take on DIY projects to save money. However, trying to install a pool on your own will almost always cost you more — in the form of money and headaches!

Still not convinced? Here are five more great reasons why hiring a pool builder is the smarter choice.  

Permits and Inspections

Installing a pool in your backyard requires you to obtain permits and get the necessary inspections. If you’re not experienced, the process is sometimes complicated and confusing. A professional pool builder knows how to get the applications done quickly and ensure that everything is done right the first time.

Time Commitment

If you’re wondering “Why hire a pool builder?” take a minute to think about the time commitment. A DIY project could take months (or longer!). A professional has the expertise and know-how to quickly and efficiently build your pool. In fact, depending on your pool design, there’s a good chance you’ll be lounging in it in just a couple of weeks.

Professional Equipment

You might have a garage full of tools, but it’s extremely unlikely that you have the equipment needed to install a custom pool. You can’t dig out space for a pool using a shovel! Eventually, you’ll also need to pour cement to form the floor and walls. It will cost you a lot of money (not to mention effort) to rent a cement truck or purchase liquid cement. Hire a professional and you won’t have to worry about any of these important details. 

Gorgeous Design

A swimming pool isn’t a stand-alone investment. A professional pool designer will show you how to use the right shape, material, and overall aesthetic to create the look you desire. Your pool, deck materials, lighting, and landscaping will all integrate seamlessly to create the backyard of your dreams. A professional pool company also has access to high-quality materials, like decorative woodwork and mosaic tiling, that will give your pool the perfect finishing touches.

Stunning Results

When asking “Why hire a pool builder?” one of the most compelling answers is the final result. If you put in your pool yourself and you’re not happy with the way it looks, you’ll have no recourse. On the other hand, when you hire a professional, taking a look at their portfolio will give you a good idea of how your final project will look. Some designers will also give you a 3D rendering of your pool before construction begins. This guarantees that you’ll know exactly what to expect and will love the outcome.

Experience the Swim Inc. Difference

Now that you know the answer to the question “Why hire a pool builder?” you need to find one you can trust. At Swim Inc., our professional designers and pool builders know exactly how to turn your backyard into a relaxing tropical oasis. More importantly, we do it with an unwavering focus on safety and efficiency.

Contact us today to discuss your pool project and schedule an appointment to receive a free estimate!  

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